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About our Online Safety Management Course

The online safety management course goes beyond CDM Regulations and is backed up with professional working downloads. These are applicable across all Industries and incorporate examples of a range of difficult encounters. 

What is it all about?

This online safety management course is a funnelled 80/20 learning experience embracing a safety and site management system based on many years’ experience. It cuts out all the confused aspects of a management system and is applicable to ANY job or career. I cut out all the static and unnecessary jargon. That’s the way it should be!

It will fill a gap based on my own experiences of many courses and may even start you on a totally new career path without the pitfalls I have encountered.

The Covid-19 pandemic has destroyed many jobs – there will undoubtedly be better days ahead. When these come around, we need to position ourselves as best as we can in the job market.

 Many Billions will be spent on construction to get the economy growing again. It must happen, and it will.

Who is it for and where?

The content of my course is applicable for everyone and literally anywhere.

  • If you work in any form as an employee
  • Manager
  • Site Supervisor
  • Director
  • Student
  • Those considering a complete change of career (as I did) 

What is it based on?

Multiple industries and many years experience working with small and major organisations on, short, medium and long-term projects. These range from domestic house renovations to major construction and engineering contracts. I sprinkle the entire content with actual working experiences and challenges I have faced.

The downloadable content is professional level and worth much more than the entire course. Organisations more often than not, spend considerable money purchasing this type of sought-after content.


Why it is different

From a selection of certificates below has cost many thousands and many hours there is one thing missing from EVERY course. As soon as it completed around 80% is likely to be forgotten within a week.

Hundreds of items of documentation, from actual construction phase plans, emergency response plans, First Aid, ISO 45000 Hyperlinked so no time wasting. Law tricky? A hyperlinked easy access sheet, over 120 work briefs/toolbox talks that double as bite size learning sheets, Audit forms and over 45 professional inspection sheets, Risk assessments, Full company policies, confined space, accident investigation, …and lots more.

 Check out the Module Summaries for full details.

Yours to download as often as you please to get you further ahead of the game than others.

Make yourself valuable and the go to person for any information.

As an experienced colleague said to me ‘’I wish I had all this in my pocket when I was starting out’’. To me that says it all.